Do you really feel that hanging out with your household suggests investing high quality time? When you expand fully grown, you start to recognize that all those years when as a teenager, you neglected your family were wrong. Having family members bonding is what you require in this world and doing it over a New Telugu movies can be enjoyable. Household times can assist you bond over and develop remarkable memories. There are many Telugu new films that develop a remarkable time to bond. For that reason, Some suggestions are Panchatantra kathalu, and Andaru baagundali andulo nenu undali.

– Panchatantra kathalu
As the name states, Panchtantra implies five tales, and the theme of the film is also similar. The flick revolves around a couple that wishes to wed, however as a result of a various cast, isn’t able to. In addition, in the story, the lady includes herself in hooking to look after her youngster. In the 3rd part of the story, an egocentric girl marries an abundant person leaving her caring sweetheart. In the fourth part of the story, a love story flowers in between the owner and his secret admirer. It’s a sweet romance. Finally, the story of an old woman, that wants to live alone on her own, but her youngsters take turns looking after her.

– Andaru bagundali andulo nenundali
The tale has to do with wholesome homely love in between the couples Srinivasan and Sunitha. The couple has enormous love for every other, which can be evident in the flick. Nevertheless, points start to go downhill when the Legendary star Ali depicts the role of a professional photographer. Everything instantly starts to transform when Ali clicks the photograph. What was in the photo? What altered the lives of Srinivasan and Sunita? Why did the basic photo reason a lot dispute? Ali is an excellent actor that triumphs in the role with his acting skill, and the wealth of giggling is going to hurt your stomach.

The OTT system for more
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