The fashion world has the most glamorous professions in the field of creativity and innovation. Some of the different professions that can be adopted in this field are jewelry designer, shoe designer, cloth designer, textile designer, etc. All of these professions are linked with novel ideas and thoughts. These new ideas are responsible for gifting unique designs to the entertainment and fashion world.

Jewelry form the core of fashion. These mainly exist in the form of necklaces and bracelets, but there may be other forms also. They are available in different shapes and sizes with colorful designs and with plenty of options. The popular types of the statement jewelry are Bib Necklace, Long Necklace, Cocktail Rings, Chandelier Rings, Cuffs and Bangles, etc. This jewelry attaches a style symbol to women. They have stood out designs, so they easily catch people’s attention and delivers a unique style statement.

Tips for purchasing Statement Jewelry

While buying this jewelry, women should care for some things such as the right outfit, size, and length of the jewelry, materials from which it is manufactured, color, etc. There are two main factors that must be kept in mind while purchasing the statement jewelry:

  • The color of the jewelry should adjust to the wardrobe collection.
  • It should reflect your personality and style. That means the choice of jewelry should be made on the basis of your personality and style that you carry.

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Tips for wearing Statement Jewelry

  • Don’t wear bold pieces within close proximity to each other. This is because bold pieces stand out and an overcrowded look will be obtained if they are worn close to each other.
  • Statement Bracelets and Statement Rings should not be worn simultaneously.
  • Statement Earrings and Necklaces together with should be avoided.
  • A combination of long necklaces and the cocktail rings should be preferred.
  • Multiple strands in the layered chain necklaces should be avoided.
  • Long-chain necklaces should not be worn on a belt.
  • Bold jewelry should be worn with busy patterns and embellishments. Bold pieces necklaces should be avoided with collars and halter necks.
  • In the case of bright accessories always try to wear neutral and black color items.

The above tips will help ladies and teenager girls to determine the right jewelry for the right outfit. It can be used to brighten up ordinary outfits. It also reflects the best body features. This jewelry projects an image of the self-dependent, unique and interesting attitudes of women. It differentiates them from mundane and establishes their firm and strong mental attitude. It also helps to improve the self-esteem of the wearer. These can also be used as a fun wear